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Speaking Clubs

Speaking Clubs will help you develop your speaking and communication skills, improve your command of languages and delve deeper into the foreign cultures.

We offer engaging and effective classes held by experienced teachers. They cover a wide range of topics, starting from online communication and phone negotiations to discussions on economy, innovative technologies, and specialized subjects such as agriculture, construction, health, logistics etc.

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Speaking Clubs

This course is designed for those who want to develop their knowledge and skills in various areas such as travel, technology, social media, shopping, health and happiness. Classes in the course offer different levels of difficulty - from beginner to advanced level. By studying the course materials, students will be able to understand new technologies, ways to use social networks, visit new places and find answers to difficult questions about their health and well-being.

The Basic to Intermediate English course, based on topics related to business, social issues, technology, travel, shopping, health and happiness, aims to prepare students to communicate effectively and understand relevant topics.


The thesis-based travel program provides an opportunity to improve your speaking skills and help expand your English vocabulary.


The study of technology and its impact on travel and tourism is also part of the course, enabling you to understand and appreciate new trends and opportunities in the field of tourism and travel.


A travel course can also provide useful travel tips and advice, including the best places to visit, the best ways to get around and the best places to stay.


Studying topics related to health and well-being is also part of the course and can help improve your quality of life while traveling, as well as provide useful tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

  • Які теми будуть вивчати на курсі English for job interview?
    Успішна співбесіда на роботу Резюме та супровідний лист Попередня співбесіда на роботу: запитання Техніка інтерв'ю STAR для компетенційних питань у співбесіді на роботу Макетна співбесіда на роботу Оновлення вашого профілю на LinkedIn Екстремальна співбесіда на роботу Ресурси для пошуку роботи
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    Classes are heldOnline/offlineDuration of class90 minutes​ TeacherMedia/localFrequency of classes2-3 times a week Duration of the course90 hours


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