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English for Job Interview

Our English for Job Interview course will prove useful for both candidates and personnel of HR departments, aiding them to prepare for job interviews conducted in English. You will get acquainted with the questions commonly asked at interviews and receive recommendations on how to answer them in English.

This course contains video lessons, practical tasks and resume examples that will help you prepare for the interview and increase your chances of passing it successfully. 

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English for Job Interview

This course is about a successful job interview! This course offers a range of topics to help you prepare for a job interview and land your dream job. We explore how to write an effective resume and cover letter, how to answer technical questions, and how to use the STAR interview technique for competency-based interview questions. In addition, our course offers mock and extreme interviews so you can practice and prepare for any situation. We also review job search resources and share tips for updating your LinkedIn profile. Sign up for our course and get the skills and knowledge you need for a successful career.

The "Successful Interview" course will help you prepare for an interview for a job and increase your chances of success.


The course will help you prepare for an interview by providing useful tips and information on techniques and methods that will help increase your chances of success.


Preparing for the questions: the course will provide useful tips and information about questions that may be asked in the preliminary job interview.


Preparation of documents: resume and cover letter in the field will help to make an effective job application and attract the attention of the employer.


Preparation for technical questions: The course will provide useful tips and information about technical questions to help you answer them effectively during the interview.

  • Які теми будуть вивчати на курсі English for job interview?
    Успішна співбесіда на роботу Резюме та супровідний лист Попередня співбесіда на роботу: запитання Техніка інтерв'ю STAR для компетенційних питань у співбесіді на роботу Макетна співбесіда на роботу Оновлення вашого профілю на LinkedIn Екстремальна співбесіда на роботу Ресурси для пошуку роботи
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    Classes are heldOnline/offlineDuration of class90 minutes​ TeacherMedia/localFrequency of classes2-3 times a week Duration of the course90 hours


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