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Corporate English

Corporate English covers a wide range of topics, including grammar for different levels and vocabulary ranging from numbers and basic words to science and business.

Throughout our course, you will master professional expressions and phrases essential for working in international companies, interacting with foreign colleagues, and cooperating with partners abroad.

Our qualified teachers will help you to refine your pronunciation, writing and speaking competencies. You will acquire practical skills that you can apply in real-life work situations.

The Corporate English course paves the way to your success in international business.

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Corporate Course

This foreign language course includes a wide range of topics that will allow students to enrich their vocabulary and improve their speaking skills in different situations. It covers topics such as days of the week, months, colors, countries and nationalities, work and professions, family and everyday life, music, home, transport, books and movies, electronic devices and technology, business, science and much more. This course will help students expand their vocabulary and improve their English skills in all aspects, including reading, writing, listening and speaking.

This English language course covers a wide range of topics, including vocabulary from numbers and colors to biographies, science and business.


A wide range of course vocabulary will allow students to familiarize themselves with the terminology of various fields, including business, which will increase their professional level.


The presence of topics related to business, such as Money, Business, Advertising, will allow students to familiarize themselves with the basic concepts and terms used in business.


Learning English with such a program will allow students to develop their communication skills on various topics, which will be useful in a business environment


The course allows students not only to learn words and expressions, but also to practice using them through practical tasks that aim to develop communication and writing skills in a business environment.

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    Classes are heldOnline/offlineDuration of class90 minutes​ TeacherMedia/localFrequency of classes2-3 times a week Duration of the course90 hours


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