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Business Writing

Our Business Writing course has been specially tailored for the Business Training Center by our international colleagues, drawing on their expertise and considerable experience in various types of business correspondence. These include recommendations, advertisements, press releases, letters of application, reports, contracts, emails, and memoranda.

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Business Writing

Our course aims to help develop business writing skills. The main points of the program include topics such as writing e-mails, invitations, requests, orders, reports, network messages and agreements. Our course begins with an introduction to the basics of writing business texts that provide an understanding of the importance of communication in a business environment. Next, students study the features of text structure and methods of its organization. The next stage involves consideration of such typical forms of business letters as applications, orders, messages, etc. After studying the theoretical basis, you will have the opportunity to improve your writing skills in practical classes. Our program includes homework and interactive exercises to help students understand real-life situations they may encounter in a business environment. Our course concludes by looking at the steps to take after writing, such as editing, revising and proofreading. After completing our course, students will be able to write effective and professional business texts that will meet the requirements of modern business.


The course provides an opportunity to learn the basics of written business communication and expand knowledge in writing e-mails, invitations, orders, reports, networking and concluding agreements.


The course will help to enrich the skills of writing professional letters, invitations, applications, reports and other forms of business writing.


The course will improve the ability to construct a text according to the basic principles of business writing and will help to understand the peculiarities of construction of various forms of business writing.


Course participants will familiarize themselves with the basics of business writing and consider the main types of communication used in business.


Course participants will learn about the stages of post-writing work, which will help improve the effectiveness of communication in a business environment.


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