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Business English

Business English is our specialized course designed to enable you to master the English language effectively depending on your business needs. The course has been tailored by the qualified teachers who have considerable experience in the realm of business language preparation.

Throughout this course, you will enhance your English language communication skills in various business contexts such as telephone conversations, email correspondence, business negotiations, presentations, etc.

The Business English course encompasses a diverse array of subjects, including vocabulary relevant to job interviews, corporate culture, financial matters, and corporate responsibility alike.

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Business English

This course is a broad and comprehensive Business English course that covers various aspects of business and working life. Students will be able to improve their English language skills related to various areas of business, such as interaction with colleagues and clients, time and project management, ethical business, social responsibility, leadership and teamwork. The course also covers various aspects of working life such as technology, transport and travel, ordering and delivery, sales and advertising, logistics and supply chain. The course will help students prepare for work in an international environment and increase their opportunities for a successful career in business.

This business English course covers a wide range of topics, including vocabulary related to entry, working life, finance and corporate responsibility.


The Business English course covers a wide range of topics, enabling students to expand their vocabulary and improve their communication skills in a business environment.


The course includes exercises that help students improve their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills, as well as develop skills in understanding customer requirements and needs.


The course program includes topics related to business creation, project management, ethics and corporate social responsibility, which enables students to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to work effectively in business.


The course allows students not only to learn words and expressions, but also to practice using them through practical tasks that aim to develop communication and writing skills in a business environment.

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    Успішна співбесіда на роботу Резюме та супровідний лист Попередня співбесіда на роботу: запитання Техніка інтерв'ю STAR для компетенційних питань у співбесіді на роботу Макетна співбесіда на роботу Оновлення вашого профілю на LinkedIn Екстремальна співбесіда на роботу Ресурси для пошуку роботи
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    Classes are heldOnline/offlineDuration of class90 minutes​ TeacherMedia/localFrequency of classes2-3 times a week Duration of the course90 hours


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