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Self-motivation 💪 or how to get yourself in the mood for language learning

Title: "Motivation in Language Learning: Finding the Positive"

Motivation in language learning can come in two forms: negative and positive, both of which are closely tied to emotions and experiences.

Positive motivation, however, is more multifaceted and interesting. Here are some reasons why:WOW! (Visual-Auditory Activities) 🎶 Students who are learning a foreign language should listen to songs that they enjoy, not just ones that contain appropriate vocabulary for their level. Listening to songs without lyrics that they like can be a great way to boost motivation and create a positive learning environment.

Understanding more humor 😃 Polyglots, and people who know multiple languages, laugh more than those who don't know as many languages. Learning a language can help you understand humor better, especially British humor, which is its own unique field of study.

Your eyes will be opened 😉

The more you learn a language, the clearer it becomes that not all puns are based on simple sound similarities. All European languages have Latin and Greek roots, which is why they are related and have many similarities. For example, French has contributed words related to fashion and cooking to all languages, Italian has contributed words related to music, and English has contributed words related to sports. Learning one European language makes it easier to understand others.

Goals and objectives 📝 Motivation to learn a language is closely linked to a student's personal goals. Students should identify and write down their plans for learning the language, as well as their plans for life in general. They should focus on the ways in which knowing the language will help them achieve their goals, whether it's for work, travel, creativity, hobbies, socializing, or something else.

Incorporate a foreign language into your life and find motivation for learning and improving it! 🤓

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